About Us

The internet is a world of opportunities. But it has its flaws. If one is not careful, s/he could be a victim of cybercrimes, privacy violation, and misinformation. This in turn could affect the individual’s trust in online websites and apps, while reducing their participation in the digital society. Without digital trust and safety, communities may be held back due to the constant struggle between danger and protection, bullying and support, harassment and freedom. And as digital technologies become further integrated into the everyday lives of Indians, new internet users are potentially exposed to greater risks.

However, the risks and benefits of internet access go hand in hand. The need of the hour, therefore, is to support these new users to minimise the risks, without limiting their digital participation, and their capacity to derive the full benefits of internet access.

The Cyber Salamat Digital Safety Campaign uses Grassroots Comics as a powerful communication tool to help the Next Half Billion internet users learn to keep themselves and their information safe in the cyberworld. Emphasising on a mix of narrative storytelling, imagery and self-expression, these comics have the ability to convey meaning and create empathy in the reader, with ease.

With our Digital Safety Campaign we aim to:

  • Educate communities on digital safety by using creative messaging on digital platforms
  • Introduce Grassroots Comics as a tool to share personal experiences of internet users
  • Promote digital equity by providing accessible knowledge of internet basics.

About World Comics India

Started in the mid-90s, World Comics India, the brainchild of political cartoonist Sharad Sharma, is a collective of grassroots activists, cartoonists, artists, development journalists, students and other like-minded people using ‘comics as a communication tool’ as well as a ‘medium for self-expression.

Experts in initiating media focussed campaigns on a variety of social issues, World Comics India imparts skills to NGO staff and activists, students of mass communication and social work through workshops on Grassroots Comics, to spread its intended message and get real stories from the people at the centre of the target social issue.